Manage your Morning Hurry, Easy your Breakfast…

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“Morning shows the day”

and we all start with a cup of tea or coffee and a breakfast. Yes, just a breakfast but it is the most important part of our daily routine. Each and every day is a brand new day with some new challenges. Then make each day special start with something happening. And let’s not make it boring as every day you eat bread toast or cornflakes. Manage your tea or coffee along with a quick and joyful  and healthy breakfast.

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Generally in weekdays we don’t have that much time to make something new for our breakfast as we all are in hurry. But there are some easy solution to make our breakfast happening and easy to do in weekdays as well. If we could ready some ingredients in the weekends or any evening spare time, trust me, breakfast is not a big deal, even for a single person. Here are some easy ideas for you…

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  • Make some pancake batter and keep it in refrigerator. You can use it as an alternate day breakfast item along with some different fruit toppings, maple syrup or honey.
  • Cut some veggies like colorful bell pepper, onion, chili slices, mushrooms (if you have) in a zip lock packet and store it in fridge. These could be used in stuffed omelet or in scrambled egg by stir frying it, or sometimes some easy toppings.
  • Make a batter with semolina (1 cup), yogurt or curd (2 tbs), all-purpose flour, salt and ½ tsp baking powder and keep it in your refrigerator. You can use it any alternative day with your stored veg slices topping, it’s just like pan cake in a salty version.

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  • Even you can preserve some boiled egg. It can be used as a whole side of pan cakes and also can be used in sandwiches. Other than this simply we can have scramble egg by using microwave. Egg is a very goodful food for anytime.
  • Cornflakes is another an alternative breakfast option that is so easy less time consuming with lots of goodful fiber in it.


  • Fruits should be compulsory side of our breakfast food. We can have it as a whole or as just topping of something. Or if you don’t have jam or jelly, simply you mashed all fruits and you can use it as fruit spread on your bread toast sprinkling some salt and pepper or some sugar or honey over it and have the awesome morning brunch.

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  • Sometimes leftover sauce are very useful to make an easy breakfast or even in lunch. Just keep the sauce in ice tray and preserve it and you can make it anytime with any dishes.
  • Some bread hacks also there, like break two eggs into your pan, just give it a little stir with some salt and pepper and add two bread slices over it, press and turn and they are ready to eat. Or you can add some lettuce, cheese slices along with your preserved veggies and make a goodful sandwich before your tea or coffee is ready.

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