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Latest trends in artificial intelligence programming: Whats New Going On?

Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t a brand new topic, however last year it saw an explosion of recent use cases and capabilities. in an exceedingly somewhat simplified definition, AI is intelligence exhibited by computer code or machines, and—through machine learning and artificial intelligence programming—has the potential to enhance itself over time. AI functions in numerous ways that counting on the precise application of the technology, however normally it’s some sort of sensory input (like a neural web, or maybe simply data processing massive information sets) and provides some self-improving output supported that sensory input.


The underlying elements that frame ai programming today—machine learning, natural language process (NLP) and deep learning—have existed in an evolving kind for several years. Over the past year , machine learning application vendors started experimenting with embedding AI into business machine learning applications. This approach of embedding AI capabilities into the progress of the applications (better named as “intelligent applications”) can still grow in 2017 and on the far side.

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Latest trends in artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence  and big data applications is a field which is  also extremely  fast growing. Last few years AI has become a mainstream application. It is not a dream anymore. It is a distant dream. From Development of autonomous cars to Private  space exploration, the future advance of human civilization is with applying  artificial intelligence examples at mass scale.

As companies, as well as developers alike, realize the true potential of what is artificial intelligence, it is disrupting more and more industries.

In this article we would share with you 4 latest trends in artificial intelligence.

1. Intelligent applications:

Intelligent applications often change their response depending on the feedback of the user. There is a constant engagement between the application as well as the user. The outcome changes plenty of times depending on the input of the user and the algorithms which are programmed. All of this is done to provide the correct solution to the user.


Few example of Intelligent ai products that  have became  a mass application now are:

  • Virtual Personal Assistants
  • Purchase Prediction for Retail shoppers
  • Smart Home Devices


    👉Amazon Echo Dot is a live example that the above applications are not a prototype anymore, they are REAL and millions of people have integrated these applications in their life now…


2. Open source ai artificial intelligence platforms:

If you’re looking to create artificial intelligence application orders yourself, you need not code from scratch. There are quite a few platforms which you can use in order to get the most basic artificial intelligence coding. Some of these platforms are:

Tenser flow



These tools would help you in creating the applications much more easily. They would provide you with the basic framework for artificial intelligence.


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One Of My Favorite Blogger/Internet Influencer is Neil Patel. This Article from Neil has given some very interesting insight of the Future:


Want Some AI Products at Home. Check out below some cool AI buddy you can purchase now💞

3. Better interface for the customers:

Even though, most of the artificial intelligence related applications are in the back and but also the interfaces can be easily changed with the help of artificial intelligence. These are changed according to the preferences of the customers. Thus, the customers are able to experience better interface which is targeted directly towards them. The use of artificial intelligence programming is not just limited to chat bots but rather, the user interfaces are also being made much more intelligent so that the users are able to use the software in the way which they prefer.

Check This KD Nugget Tweets On AI >>


4. Increased usage of artificial intelligence programming in e-commerce applications:

The retail outlets, as well as the e-commerce websites, are using artificial intelligence on a greater basis. This is done to predict the demand of various goods as well as merchandise. This is also done to provide the consumers with the type of the products which they are most likely to buy. artificial intelligence helps the stores as well as e-commerce websites in studying the behavior of the consumers. Also there is high usage of ai chatbots in e-commerce companies.



The predictive analysis is used in order to help the companies understand what the products or services are which the users like the most. All this combined would ensure that the retail sales of the stores, as well as e-commerce companies, increase a lot. Most of the e-commerce companies these days are already incorporating artificial intelligence on their website. This is in line to to provide you with the best products.

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